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12:25:00 (GMT +5), wednesday, 24 april 2024

JSC «Uzbekistan Railways» declares an essential fact No.06


Full: Joint Stock Company “Uzbekistan Railways”
Abridged: JCS “Uzbekistan Railways”
Name of the stock exchange ticker


Location: the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Mirabad district, st. T. Shevchenko 7
Postal address: 100060
Electronic mail address: info@uzrailway.uz
Official website: www.railway.uz


   Essential fact number: 06
   Essential fact name:    The decision accepted by the supreme body of management of the issuer
   Type of general meeting: Extraordinary
   Date of carrying out of general meeting: ‎‎30.04.2018 
   The date of drawing up the report of general meeting: ‎‎30.04.2018 
   General meeting venue: Tashkent city
The questions put on voting: Results of the voting
for against abstentions
% quantity % % quantity %
1 Approval of the Supervisory Board of joint-stock company “Uzbekistan Railways” 100 12 976 409 900 0 0 0 0
The full wording of decisions taken by the general meeting:
1 Include the first deputy chairman of the State Tax Committee Musayev Behzod Anvarovich to the membership of the Council of the Joint Stock Company “Uzbekistan Railways” and approve the composition of the Council in accordance with the appendix.

Department of the Corporate Relationship Management