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08:07:17 (GMT +5), wednesday, 24 april 2024

JSC «Uzbekistan Railways» declares an essential fact No. 06

Full: Joint Stock Company “Uzbekistan Railways”
Abridged: JCS “Uzbekistan Railways”
Name of the stock exchange ticker
Location: the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Mirabad district, st. T. Shevchenko 7
Postal address: 100060
Electronic mail address: info@uzrailway.uz
Official website: www.railway.uz
Essential fact number: 06
Essential fact name: The decision accepted by the supreme body of management of the issuer
Type of general meeting: Extraordinary
Date of carrying out of general meeting: ‎‎19.05.2017
The date of drawing up the report of general meeting: ‎‎19.05.2017
General meeting venue: Tashkent city
Quorum of general meeting: 100%
The questions put on voting: Results of the voting
for against abstentions
% quantity % quantity % quantity
1. Approval of the provision on uniforms for the staff of the joint stock company "Uzbekistan Railways" 100 1 446 224 629
The full wording of decisions taken by the general meeting:
1. To approve the provision on the uniform of the personnel of the joint stock company “Uzbekistan Railways” in accordance with the annex.

  Department of the Corporate Relationship Management