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JSC «Uzbekistan Railways» declares an essential fact No. 06

   Full: Joint Stock Company “Uzbekistan Railways”
   Abridged: JCS “Uzbekistan Railways”
   Name of the stock exchange ticker  
   Location: the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Mirabad district, st. T. Shevchenko 7
   Postal address: 100060
   Electronic mail address:
   Official website:
Essential fact number: 06
   Essential fact name:    The decision accepted by the supreme body of management of the issuer
   Type of general meeting:    Extraordinary
   Date of carrying out of general meeting: ‎‎11.12.2017
   The date of drawing up the report of general meeting: ‎‎11.12.2017
   General meeting venue: Tashkent city
   Quorum of general meeting: 100%
The questions put on voting: Results of the voting
for against abstentions
% quantity % quantity % quantity
1. The decision to increase the share capital of JSC "Uzbekistan Railways" through the issuance of additional shares. 100 1 945 705 938
2. Decision-making on approval of the decision on the additional issue of shares of JSC "Uzbekistan Railways” 100 1 945 705 938
The full wording of decisions taken by the general meeting:
1. Issue additional shares of Uzbekistan JSC "Uzbekistan Railways” in the amount of 3,560,911,610 ordinary, registered, uncertified shares with a nominal value of 430 UZS one share in the amount of 1 531 191 992 300 UZS. Shares are placed on closed subscription to increase the state share.
3 560 911 610 shares of the issue shares are placed in the State Committee on Competition of the Republic of Uzbekistan by concluding transactions in the unorganized over-the-counter market in writing with their registration in the prescribed manner.
Underwriters are not attracted to place shares. Shares of additional issue are placed within a year from the date of their state registration.
Shares of this issue are placed at the market price, but not lower than the nominal value. When placing shares of this issue in the amount of less than 60% of the total number of shares of this issue, the issue is considered to be failed. In cases of recognition of the issue as failed, funds received as payment for the shares will be returned in accordance with the procedure established by law.
This issue of shares is paid for by transferring to the authorized capital of JSC "Uzbekistan Railways” at the book value of the share Uzbekenergo JSC in Uzbekcoal JSC and Sharguncoal JSC in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 8, 2017.
No. PP-3380 and the decision of the sole shareholder of Uzbekenergo JSC
from November 30, 2017 №6 (calculations are attached). The balance of the total transferred assets of 315.74 sums will be taken into account in the subsequent issue of shares, as a state share.
2. To approve the decision on the additional issue of shares of JSC Uzbekistan Railways.

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