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11:05:35 (GMT +5), friday, 14 june 2024

Uzbekistan – Russia: Expanding cooperation, opening up new opportunities

A meeting of the Russian delegation of JSC “Transmashholding” with representatives of the railway administration of Uzbekistan took place at JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari". 

Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari" H.N.Hasilov, heads of structural divisions and the Russian delegation headed by Deputy General Director A.Yu.Chebakov discussed further promising and fruitful development of joint cooperation with enterprises of JSC "Transmashholding".


As you know, the production enterprises of the Russian company supply to Uzbekistan mainline freight electric locomotives of the 3ES5K series and electric subway wagons of the “Moscow” series.

Given the extensive experience and a wide range of complex technical tasks of the company (from comprehensive maintenance and repairs to the implementation of digital traffic control systems), this cooperation is an important factor in the development, modernization of the railway sector in our country and raising it to a new level.

Among several issues discussed at the meeting, sharp attention was paid to the supply of a key batch of trains for the “Tashkent metropoliteni” UE. H.N.Hasilov emphasized the importance of accelerating this process since the volume of passenger traffic and the interval between trains remain a very urgent task today.

The issues of organizing passenger transportation were also discussed in working order, in particular, the Russian side proposed to study the possibilities of integrating railway transport into the urban transport system, organizing a multimodal transport service, and creating a network of transport interchange hubs. In other words, to introduce public transport into the life of passengers in a new quality with new opportunities. In this vein, the issues of supplying a batch of new electric trains were discussed.

The meeting participants also discussed such areas as signaling and communication. We considered the possibility of creating pilot sites or a specialized training ground with the organization of a joint exchange of experience with the involvement of Russian specialists.

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