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01:13:28 (GMT +5), thursday, 28 september 2023

Expanding cooperation with Pakistan in the field of transport

On March 13-17, 2021, the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in order to study the infrastructure of Pakistan ports and organize bilateral negotiations.

Uzbek delegation had constructive meetings with the heads of the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Pakistan Ship’s Association Agents and representatives of logistics companies, as well as familiarization with the infrastructure and technology of the ports of “Qasim”, “Karachi” and “Gwadar”.

An agreement was reached to intensify work on the effective use of the Uzbekistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan route using the ports of Pakistan.

Following the negotiations, a final Protocol was signed between JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari" and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Pakistan.

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