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08:28:55 (GMT +5), sunday, 26 May 2024

The newspaper "L'opinion" will publish an article about JSC "Uzbekistan Railways"

Claude LeBlanc is a French journalist and editor-in-chief of the “Asia” section of L'opinion, a fairly popular independent daily news publication in France. During these days, he visited Uzbekistan as a foreign journalist to cover the preparation and conduct of parliamentary elections, including broad information to the foreign public about the large-scale reforms being implemented in our country. 

During the visit to Uzbekistan, at the request of a foreign guest, a meeting was also held in JSC "Uzbekistan Railways", where the journalist voiced his questions in the field of railway development in Uzbekistan and this interest is not for nothing. Currently, C. LeBlanc is writing a book about the development of the world's Railways from a geopolitical perspective.  

- Uzbekistan is located in the heart of Central Asia and plays an important role - a kind of crossroads connecting North with South, West with East, - says C. LeBlanc. - In many countries of the world, Railways play a key role in the development of their economies. That is why I am interested in the modern development of Railways in your country, the formation of transit corridors, the composition of the mobile fleet of freight and passenger cars, locomotives, and much more.

The foreign journalist was given information on all issues of interest to him. In particular, about the current stage of transformation of Railways and its structural divisions, development of high-speed traffic, construction of rolling stock at domestic enterprises, including passenger trains and freight cars of different modifications, updating of locomotive fleet. They also discussed the implementation of a number of transit transport projects, including multimodal ones, high rates of electrification and construction of new Railways in the country, and much more.

In the end, a French journalist admitted he was impressed by the dynamics of the development of the railway sector in Uzbekistan and scale of works carried out on its development and emphasized that Railways and their development are factors of economic prosperity and peaceful life in the country.

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