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New division - new aims and prospects of cooperation

A new division has been formed in the structure of “Uzbekistan Railways” JSC - the Main Department of logistics development and digitalization. The creation of a new structure is mainly due to the need for further development of logistics, the study of the transport services market in order to develop solutions for stimulating and expanding transit traffic, as well as organizing interaction with international transport and logistics companies and cargo owners.

The project is also being implemented within the framework of a balanced, mutually beneficial and constructive transport policy defined in the development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, in particular, increasing the transport and transit potential of our country, creating favorable conditions for foreign trade cargo transportation.

The main tasks of the main Department are:
- development and implementation of the company's long-term logistics and transit development strategy; 
- study and application of the experience of developed countries in the formation of transit corridors;
- in-depth analysis of the current situation of the transport industry, systemic problems and the level of competitiveness, taking into account the transport, logistics and transit potential;
- development of recommendations on the formation of transit corridors, taking into account the analysis of the formation of cargo volumes;
- development of proposals and introduction of advanced information technologies to digitalize the transportation process, ensuring the economic interests of society in the world market of transport services through the development of international and regional cooperation;
- preparation of recommendations for further improvement of the company's tariff policy;
- development of proposals to improve the position of the Republic in the world ranking of logistics efficiency (LPI) in close cooperation with relevant ministries, agencies and international organizations. 

Taking into account the tasks assigned to the Main Department, for their high-quality performance, appropriate highly qualified specialists in the field of transport logistics are required, in connection with which a competitive selection is announced, in which foreign citizens can also take part. The competition will last until January 25, 2020. Having familiarized yourself with the QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS, you can fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE and then send it to the e-mail address together with the application/resume of the established form

Attention candidates!

If the applicant does not meet the qualification requirements, his/her documents will not be considered. The JSC "Uzbekistan Railways" reserves the right not to respond to candidates who have not passed the competitive selection.

We also inform you that the submitted documents are not subject to return.

Department personnel and trainings

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