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18:36:26 (GMT +5), monday, 11 december 2023

Angren: displacement of landslide mass is not a threat

On July 8 of this year, at about 15:30 PM, there was a displacement of landslide mass of about 20 million m3 on the Northern side of the Angren coal mine. 

The main factor in the formation of the landslide was the intensive filtration of storm precipitation into the soil in April (above the long-term norm) and a significant rise in the level of groundwater in April-May this year, which led to increased hydrodynamic pressure of groundwater. As a result, there was a gradual washing out of the dump sandy-clay soils by submerged flows with the formation of voids, which led to a weakening of the stability of the Board.

The displacement of the landslide does not pose a threat to utilities, roads, railways, and the Angren coal mine.
The state service of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the monitoring of dangerous geological processes conducts a permanent survey of the landslide in order to prevent negative consequences. The round-the-clock duty of employees of the Ministry of emergency situations and Traffic Safety Department on this site of works is organized. 
Design and research institutes organized work on a detailed study of the causes of displacement of the landslide in order to eliminate its further progress. 

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