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What do you know about Ugam-Chatkal State Biosphere Reserve?

UE "Ugam-Chatkal state biosphere reserve" with a total area of more than 50 thousand hectares is located in the picturesque areas of Bostanlyk, Akhangaran and Parkent districts of Tashkent region. Western Tien Shan, which includes the protected area "Bashkyzylsay" with a total area of 11018,0 hectares, since 2016 is included in the list of world natural heritage of the International organization of UNESCO.

It should be noted that in order to ensure effective protection, protection and rational use, as well as further development of nature protection facilities of the Ugam-Chatkal state national natural Park, in accordance with the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the protection zone was transferred to the jurisdiction of JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari" (with the right of permanent use) and a new biosphere reserve was organized. This is the second such zone in Uzbekistan, but in the highlands – so far the only one.

As a reference, we note that the concept of biosphere reserve implies a protected natural area, which has several zones: protected, buffer (conservation) and transitional, created to preserve natural ecosystems and gene pool of the region, study and monitoring of the natural environment in it and adjacent territories.

The protected area is "Bashkyzylsay", around which a buffer (security) zone with a width of one kilometer is created. The rest of the reserve belongs to the transition zone. It should be noted that tourism is prohibited in the territory of the protected area, as well as the presence of unauthorized persons.

There are representatives of flora and fauna, including 1148 common plant species, 152 species of flowers (33 of them are included in the Red book of Uzbekistan), as well as 242 species of vertebrates and 2 species of amphibians, 184 species of birds and 2 species of fish.

The reserve is actively engaged in the activities of scientists-phenology, the study of changes in vegetation over the world during the annual cycle and compare them with the figures of the previous years. They observe 32 species of plants. In addition to ornamental trees, in order to restore the forest zone and increase the number of fruit trees in the mountain zone of Kumushkan, Parkent district, 3000 almond seedlings and the same number of nuts were planted.

It is remarkable that since last year here began to be engaged in beekeeping. More than 400 bee families were bred and in the same year, more than 3 tons of mountain honey was harvested. This year they intend to collect about 4 tons of honey.

In order to determine the boundaries of the reserve and prevent illegal entry into the protected area of the population, for the purpose of grazing livestock, more than 120 warning signs are installed at the border. Currently, business plans are being developed for the implementation of a number of projects. The aim is to develop tourism in the recreation areas of the biosphere reserve (except for the protected area "Bashkyzylsay").

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