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21:21:39 (GMT +5), thursday, 23 May 2024

A contest is announced to create a logo, flag and slogan

Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineering announces a competition to create a modern, original, easily recognizable institute logo, flag and slogan reflecting the activities of the industry.

The institute's symbols should embody the ideological and ideological aspects, embrace the uniqueness of modern education, the values of our people, the traditions of railway workers and comply with legal, civilized and aesthetic standards, the traditions of railway workers and meet legal, civilized and aesthetic standards.

The logo and the flag must contain a graphic part and an explanatory inscription. The image in the graphic part of the logo should be easy to perceive, should be with the inscription "Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineering" and be presented in the form of a sketch, image, drawing, graphic layout, as well as in the form of 3D-render.

The explanatory inscription may be in any form. The design of the login and flag of the institute should reflect the concept with spiritual and ideological elements. All materials are accepted via email

The competition will be held in 2 stages.

I stage - from April 22 to May 22 - familiarization with the works submitted to the competition;

Stage II from May 22 to June 1 - work evaluation.

- The winner of the contest for the best logo will be awarded with a sum of 10 MW;

- The winner of the competition for the best flag is awarded with an amount of 5 MW;

- The winner of the contest for the best slogan is awarded with an amount of 5 MW.

The winner will be announced on the official website of the Institute

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