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A briefing for representatives of MM

March 28, 2019 in the meeting room of the Central office, JSC «O’zbekistan temir yo’llari» held a briefing for media representatives on the the subway construction in the capital: the progress of the construction of the Sergeli and Yunusabad branches, the above-ground ring line, as well as the analysis of activities in 2018 and development plans in 2019. Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC «O’zbekistan temir yo’llari» O. Khudoykulov told in detail about the work carried out in this direction.

It was noted that currently three projects are being implemented in the construction of the metro of the capital – these are the branches of the above-ground metro line in the Sergeli and Yashnabad districts and the extension of the underground subway line on the Yunusabad line. 

Construction work on the project of construction of the Sergeli Line (6.8 km) of the metro (in accordance with the decree of The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №PP-2664 dated November 29, 2016) is carried out at an intensive pace. The total cost of the project is 170.1 million US dollars. According to the Resolution, the new line will be put into operation before the end of 2019. 

It was noted that the implementation of the Sergeli Metro line project is based on a completely new overpass construction method, which until now has not been used in the countries of Central Asia. The project was developed by JSC "Boshtransloyiha" and in this area includes 6 stations. Over the past period of time by experienced specialists UE trest «Ko’prikqurilish» has done a good job. 

To date, the design and estimate documentation for 221 support racks has been received. Work on the preparation of 158 pits (strengthening with gravel and concrete layer) has been completed. In 21 ditches concreting of the top part of the pile base is executed. Also performed installation work on the bolts 119. 296 intermediate beams were installed. 

The stations are designed to stop the rolling stock of 5 cars. The stations will have an arched vault covered with composite material, which will be installed on a frame made of light metal structures. Three escalators will be installed to enter the station, as well as an Elevator for people with disabilities. Stairs for emergency situations will also be built. 

The total cost of the second project – «Construction of the second stage of the Yunusabad line of the metro Tashkent» – 124.8 million US dollars. The length of the new railway is 2.93 km. The implementation of the project developed by the specialists of «Tashkent Metroproject» LLC is planned to be completed this year. In this direction the number of stations - two (Yunusabad” and “Turkestan”), the average distance between them of 1.43 km. Length of each platform is 102 meters length and have two-way traffic. Currently, work is underway to lay a tunnel on the stretches between the stations “Turkestan” and “Yunisabad”, as well as the construction of an open way of the reverse exit and a dead-end line at the station “Turkiston”. With the help of the tunnel boring machine of the German company "HERRENKNECHT AG" (used in the construction of the tunnel in a closed way), drilling of 1012 meters of the tunnel was carried out, which was strengthened by 675 tubing.

The project for the construction of the above-ground ring metro line provides for a length of 54.8 km. At the initial stage, a section will be built from the station “Dustlik” to the market “Kuyluk” (11 km), consisting of 8 stations. Then through the stations “Almazar”, “Beruni”, “Badamzar”, “Tuzel”, it will again connect at the station “Dustlik”, thereby forming a circular metro line of the capital. According to the draft, this line will pass through the Yashnaabad, Uchtepa, Almazar, Yunusabad, Chilanzar and Sergeli districts. The project designed for 2017-2021 will be implemented in six stages and 35 stations will be built on this line. In addition, it is planned to build two car depots. Until today made 396,5 thousand cubic meters of earthworks, 44,2 thousand cubic meters of concreting. Construction and installation works are carried out at the stations “Dustlik”, “Tuzel”, “40 years of Victory”, “Guzar”. From the station “Dustlik” and the depot of the metro “Uzbekistan” bored tunnel with a length of 204 meters.

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