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The possibilities of the modern station

Andijan railway station is an integral part of not only urban architecture, but also regional social infrastructure. This object, commissioned in June 2016, can simultaneously serve about 350 passengers. Currently about 600 tickets are sold daily at the railway station. Last year, 2018, more than 235 thousand passengers were served here.

The station offers such services as currency exchange for tourists, Luggage storage and transportation of hand Luggage, a summer hall, a mother and child room, as well as a medical center. Special attention should be paid to the VIP-hall that meets international standards. Modern appearance and comfort are harmoniously combined with color and decor in a unique national performance.

Today it serves passenger trains of local and international destinations. In particular, the station daily meets and escorts passengers of such runs as Andijan – Tashkent – Andijan, Andijan – Termez – Andijan, Andijan – Khiva – Andijan, Andijan – Bukhara – Andijan. In the suburban direction trains run Andijan – Kokand (through Margilan) and back, Andijan – Kokand (through Namangan) and back, and in the international direction – Andijan – Moscow –Andijan.

In order to organize the safety of passengers of the station “Andijan” is installed metal fences, video surveillance cameras are located around the perimeter. The adjacent territory is landscaped. Here is a park area with alleys and fountains. There is a parking. Work is under way to improve the quality of services and introduce new types of services. 

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