Hotel service: Regular amenities for tourists

  • 03/01/2019
  • 4892

JSC “O‘ztemiryo‘lyo‘lovchi” in Khiva is introducing another project, which includes three modern hotels. Two of them are built within walking distance to the ancient city and belong to “Khiva-Lokomotiv” LLC. 


Commissioning of the first hotel is planned in the near future. It is designed for 74 seats, which are located in 41 rooms of different classes of service. The building is two-storey, built in the style of national architecture and reflects the Eastern flavor of the region. For the convenience of tourists, it was built near the railway station. Currently, the final stage of finishing works is carried out here. 

The other two hotels, designed for 56 and 84 seats, are located on the territory between the historical parts of the city – Ichan-Kala and Dishan-Kala. According to the authors of the project, they will create all conditions for tourists, and at the level of world standards. It is also planned to build an indoor swimming pool and sauna, as well as restaurants. It is noteworthy that Ichan-Kala is within walking distance from the hotels and to this unique place tourists can walk, the need for transport is zero. It is noteworthy that after the completion of the construction of these hotels, new jobs will be created here and 85 people will be employed.   

Noteworthy is another news. Here, the efforts of railway builders accelerated pace is the construction of a new Park for recreation – “Khiva-Lokomotiv”. The total area of the Park area is 10 hectares. 22 types of various modern attractions will be installed here. The area will be landscaped, it is planned to plant more than 2,500 ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as about 15 kinds of flowers, pleasing to the eye of visitors and decorating the area. Along with this, three musical fountains with illumination will be built here. Here, in the framework of the project, it is planned to build an amphitheater designed for 500 seats and an artificial lake of 0.5 hectares.

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