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"Temiryo’lobod" serves for the welfare of the people

The JSC “O’zbekistan Temir Yo’llari” organized a media tour to the livestock and poultry complex “Temiryo’lobod” which is located in the Shavatsky district of the Khorezm region. More than 20 media representatives got acquainted with the activities of the complex and its achievements.

It should be noted that these days fruitfully operate five subsidiary subordinated complexes of the JSC “O’zbekistan Temir Yo’llari”   – namely, “Temiryo’lobod” "Gulobod-MEVA", "Sardoba", "Navruz-naslchilik", "Kungirot-Ustyurt".
More than 5,500 heads of cattle, 500 heads of sheep and goats, 18 heads of horses and camels, 600 heads of poultry are fed in farms specialized in animal husbandry and poultry farming. The products of these farms are meat and dairy products, chicken eggs, melon crops, vegetables and fruits are not only used by railway workers, they are also supplied to local markets.       

The livestock and poultry complex “Temiryo’lobod” is the largest at the disposal. There are 1 thousand 119 hundred hectares of land, of which 950 hectares allocated for planting. In 2018, there was a high yield of wheat, alfalfa, corns, beets, pumpkins and other crops. On an area of 10 hectares was formed a new orchard.
If we talk about the livestock sector of the economy, more than 2 thousand 300 heads of cattle, 170 heads of sheep and goats, 6 horses and over 30 thousand poultry are bred here. Also, there are 80 cows giving up to five thousand liters of milk per year and 35 cows, the milk yield of which is more than eight thousand liters of milk per year. Last 2018, the total milk yield amounted to about 1,700 tons, more than 60 tons of meat and 8 million eggs were received. It is noteworthy that last year the number of calves also increased, their increase amounted to 450 heads. And this, compared with the figures for 2017, is 110 more.

In 2018, 300 Simmental cattle were brought from the Federal Republic of Germany. They are currently undergoing a process of adaptation to our climatic conditions. In addition, on the basis of the regional railway junction "Bukhara" is currently working on the construction of a new livestock complex designed for 1000 heads of cattle. It is planned to purchase 300 heads of purebred species from abroad.
Undoubtedly, the creative work carried out in this direction is designed to serve both the development of agriculture in our country and to ensure prosperity in agricultural products to our people. During the media tour, journalists had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the livestock and poultry complex “Temiryo’lobod” and received answers to all their questions. 

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