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21:13:31 (GMT +5), thursday, 23 May 2024

Today the freight container of express train has been launched a flight.

It is known that railway transport is reliable, convenient and safe. Therefore, the number of users is increasing from year to year over the world on this network. Most of the cargoes especially in the Central Asian regions are transported by railway.

       Today in Uzbekistan more than 60 percent of freight traffic is shared on this transport. This train is moved on a definite schedule by JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” with Tashkent-Pop (Roustan) -Margilan-Andijan. 20 foot container is delivered loads from Tashkent to Andijan and from Andijan to Tashkent within 10 hours. If containers are delivered to Pop, Margilan stations, the cargo is delivered to the owner in a shorter time.
       It should be noted that during the cold weather and snowy days of winter in Kamchik Pass with traffic jams, overexcurrents, excessive waste of time create many inconveniences in entrepreneurial activity. This freight container of express train has been set up to prevent such cases, to support small businesses and private entrepreneurship and to create favorable conditions for them. 

       The rafting and lowering of containers on the platform is carried out by rail. Its costs are included in the total payment of each container (1 million sums). At present, the entrepreneur carries out about 1.5-2 million sums for a cargo transported from Tashkent to Andijan by another transport.Taking into account that, this freight container of express train is a great convenience not only for entrepreneurs and also ordinary citizens who want to ship cargo in containers in this direction. 

         Experts say the freight container of express train has been started its first flight today and it moves in this direction twice a week. 

         Later, the number of flights will be increased, as well as the construction of such trains will be envisaged to other regions of our republic.

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