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07:55:40 (GMT +5), sunday, 26 May 2024

The new express container train has announced the price of service.

          Since October this year, JSC "O'zbekiston temir yo'llari" is announced its offer for legal and physical persons who want to use the new container train in the direction "Tashkent–Pop–(Roustan)–Margilan–Andijan regions of Uzbekistan".


This container train serves once a week on the test mode.

Later, the flights will be multiplied depending on the orders and requirements.

A route through the railway side consists of 10 hours of time.

Senders send 1 cargo 20 foot container through 1 time ticket purchase.

Ticket prices include container transportation by railway, as well as loading and unloading of empty and loaded containers on the railroad platform.

All payments are made through banking institutions.

Service name

Service price, sum

in the link "Tashkent–Pop–(Roustan)–Margilan–Andijan” 1, 20-foot container ticket via railway

(one direction)

1 000 000

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