How to use a screen reader

Firstly, enable a screen reader mode. Then highlight necessary text and click on the emerging icon.
* The screen reader isn't compatible with Windows Vista and other older versions of Windows.

Helpline (+998 71) 237-99-98

Call center of railway station 1005

Tariff calculator

12:13:15 (GMT +5), thursday, 23 May 2024

Cooperation with other structures

   The cooperation of state power

       Cooperation between government bodies, which allows using modern technology to improve internal and external communications between the government bodies and rebuild their activities on the basis of an integrated, but not fragmented service delivery. This will reduce expense and improve working efficiency, also avoiding delays in production and increase the motivation of employees. This is the basis of all the work of E-Government, consisting of the internal government network linking all government bodies, within the scope of forming the government data bases, where accumulates all government information, including a database of individuals and organizations operating in the country.